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seems like this will always be a personal choice
I tend to have much higher power scopes on most of my rifles and never found them to hinder me with shots rather close, so, 3x or 4x is to me just fine for shots 10 yards and more
but experience with using scope can matter, some find it harder to find things in scopes than others, to me after so many yrs, its rather natural, second nature like to lift/shoulder a rifle
and find my target in my scope almost as fast as I can with open sights!
so maybe it comes down to your skill with a scope, period over what model will work, in general!
two of my custom slug guns, have 4.5x14's on them! and very happy with there set up

I would wonder/worry more about what the eye relief is, as I sen a LOT of folks get hit in the eye socket when going to scopes on shotguns over the yrs
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