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if you can give it a day or two, that's fine, if NOt,
I wouldn;t sweat it, deer get spooked all the time and blow(snort) its a common deal, so they live with that happening all the time

what causes more hesitation on returning is if they SEEN you and identified YOU with the fear
if they just bolted and snorted and didn;t really know what happened, they will IMO< most time forget they did it in minutes! not days or weeks

so, if you think they seen you or knew you where there before during or after the shot, its best to give the site some down time
but this is just a general deal
I know many guys that shot at(including me) a buck and missed and had same buck show up next day, heck, one I shot at and missed two days ina row and got it on day 3 LOL

but deer never seen me , just ran when arrow hit a darn limb, 3 times, 3 different limbs
there all cut down now by the way! LOL
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