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I have a Husky that if someone was to steal it on me they would bring it back the next day. I am not impressed with that one. I bought it in a yard sale so I just leave it sitting around. I also have three Poulans. One gave me a hard starting and the primer button ended up rottening out. One is a Poulan Shark and is a small saw. That one cuts good but over heats easily on me. I have been using on some pretty big wood though. I canít complain about that one any. I have to get a new bar and chain for it as I have worn the tip right out of it. Then I bought an old Poulan that never had a tank of gas in it. It doesnít have the chain brake on it. I tried it out and it worked great. Then the fuel line cracked on it. But that could be expected. So itís sitting for now. I figured that it most likely needs new seats for the needle valves. I bought it at an auction for a cheap price and was quite impressed at how it cut. But I wanted a reliable saw and broke down and bought a new Stih and that one will cut like crazy. I am enjoying that saw and have plenty of work for it at camp. I have 15 to twenty fir trees come down around the camp. Beatles had killed them and they need to get taken care of. I would want to have a fire break out in that mess..
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