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I do not make the rules, nor did anybody seek my advice on the subject, but I do think there has to be a limit somewhere. Common sense seems to be in short supply and without some rules or regulations we just might be dooming the sport. My guess is that those B&C rule making folks thought about the scopes that range game and place a nice aiming dot where the shooter thinks they are (possibly) going to hit and thought this was unsporting at best.

I think everyone wants the ethical taking of game and realizes that common range finders are a good thing. Smart scopes seem just a bit too much for some folks.

Every state will make it's own laws and regulations largely based upon what the voting public wants. I think we need to be very careful not to irritate the voting public or to make them think hunters have an unfair advantage through technology. Currently I think we are in decent shape with most of the public but that can change quickly.

I just made the original post in this thread to let trophy-hunting fellows know that there are currently rules in place. I am not a big trophy guy myself. I do have a pretty mule deer rack that qualifies for inclusion in the B&C book but I will never bother to do that.
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