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maybe a different view?

I personally see NO harm in a rifle scope that can be used as a range finder so to just a person carrying and using a range finder
its rather splitting hairs IMO
the current scopes that are made than can do both, are rather odd shaped and size, and BIG heavy, and have a lot of flaws
so, its NOT like there taking over any time soon
and they have been about since the 90's( swarovski was one of the first for civilian sales)
held a patent on it for a LONG time and then Burris came out with a like model for a lot less $$ but not as good of glass or rangefinder!
a few others have come out, but its far from taking over or making any kills happen that wouldn;t IMO<
range finders IMO< help prevent many wounded animals, more than they add to the TECH crazed aid of killing more animals!
Many SO called B&C and Pope and Young rules, were made LONG before many thing MOST hunters use today to hunt with, due to they just were NOT even THOUGHT of never mind made yet!

IMO< if any tool scope, range finder or?? is a LEGAL item to use in hunting "X" game animal, its rather questionable, if they couldnl;t be in the record books
as NO legal rule was broken

there are many rules in these clubs that many don;t know,
certain amounts of bow let off, and other devises too fall into this category and are rather NON invasive in the ways of ruining modern hunting ways!

lets face it, hunting today is NOT Like ti was 20-30-40 and so on yrs ago!
I doubt many thought shooting game at 1,000+ yards was even possible when this club started?
or folks shooting bows at a 100 yards
using scent control devices, heck I doubt even modern CAMO was even being used when they made these rules?

rules have to adapt at some point
as long as legal tools, maybe they should allow?
as were loosing hunters numbers pretty fast in the USA!
and with so many needing FAME today, and the un godly need for HIGH tech gadgets
limit them and might loose even more hunters!,m leading to the end of a sport so many of us LOVE
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