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The excuse in Kansas, as it has been for at least the 20yrs I've been lobbying (not so aggressively) to change it, is there's a greater risk of illegal spotlighting or otherwise poaching of deer, to wit, they've eliminated the excuse. "I'm just hunting coyotes, not deer." when someone might be caught with equipment which is illegal for deer, but legal for coyotes.

It's legal for me to construct a remote fired, turret mounted rifle which has target recognition software which indicates the rifle is aimed for the appropriate shooting solution, then push a button which electronically fires the rifle... But God forbid I shoot a coyote at night with a spotlight.

I remain to fail to understand why pin-lights are prohibited by Boone & Crockett, and why 80% let off is legal, but 85% let off is not... Rules for the prevention of unethical or unsporting activities, debatably as they might be defined, I can generally support. Rules for the sake of rules, especially within a "club," not an enforcement agency, make little sense to me.
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