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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
Looks like you are ready to go except for the scouting. Part of hunting is doing your own scouting, not going on the internet and expecting other people to scout for you. Start traveling around and checking out places for coyotes. Iy is a lot more satisfying when you are successful if you do your own work. Of course, there is always paying someone to guide you!
I didn't get the same take on the OP's "guide me a little" statement. I took it to mean he wanted some tips and ideas as he's new to the sport, not that he wants you to scout for him or actually guide for him. I think such an interpretation is stretching things quite a bit.

Ditto on Cal's suggestion about YouTube. You could watch YouTube videos on coyote hunting until next Spring and still not run out of material. Some of the videos are made by guys who regularly compete in coyote hunting competitions and are geared towards getting a new person up to speed on coyote hunting. After a while, you find your knowledge base goes up and you can weed out the less useful or less informative videos. Good luck and don't hesitate to post questions as they come up.

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