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If you do a YouTube search, there are several videos made by pros that regularly compete in contests and are famous in the industry. If you refine your search to Colorado, you'll get even more local information. You can read online articles about hunting coyotes that seem pertinent to how and where you would hunt. But, there's nothing quite like watching some pro who is competing in your state or terrain similar to it. As you read more and re-watch the videos, you'll start to notice more things. Along with this research, go back through previous topics in this forum as there are some very knowledgeable and experienced yote hunters that have freely shared their time and expertise for people wanting to learn. All of these sources will not only explain how to hunt but also how to scout, when to move from one area to another, how far to move, how to set up (shade is your friend), call and a lot of really good information. Best thing is it's at your fingertips, it's free and many of these guys could easily write their own books or make their own videos.
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