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Originally Posted by t.shaffer View Post
oh i see why you hunt grand river probably close to you. i ought to get you to come to lorain county to hunt some private land out in wellington.near findley state park.
I would absolutely enjoy getting to meet you and getting together for a hunt sometime.

I'm not too far from you. And I know where Findley State Park is. If you need help on the property sometime let me know. I'm a worker!

I'm about twenty minutes from Grand River. Have a few decent spots out there that I enjoy stomping around in. Although there aren't as many deer running as there used to be. I like it because it's such a big area you can usually get away from other people. Especially when it's flooded. Allot of people don't want to get their boots wet it seems. There's some pretty spots out there though.

I used to especially like hunting out there during the late seasons for doe. But now Ohio has the only one public land antlerless and no antlerless deer on public land rule after gun week. So I lost my favorite late season spot. I prefer to hunt doe.

I like a buck as much as anyone but I'm a meat hunter and just have always really enjoyed late season doe hunting. Maybe the new doe restrictions will boost the numbers a little bit.

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