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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
Banning deer farming is a good start, they are the ones who brought it across the Mssissippi and the ones who brought it into PA and spread it in PA by moving their skanky deer around the state. I wish PA would shut them all down.
It is always about the dollars OT. I can imagine there are more than a few game farms in PA and probably have been for years. Look at who the clients are and most likely are people with a lot of financial strength. Those people are often business people who can and do influence the various legislative bodies they come in contact with. My bet is there have been private lobbies whose main job is to keep the game farms open.Vermont grandfathered the 2 and decided no more could be given permits mainly as a hedge o stop CWD from showing up. The 2 owners saw the handwriting on the wall and decided to close which ended that business in Vermont hopefully for good. My guess is we already have it here in Vermont but the wardens and biologists aren't looking too hard to check.
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