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Default Steam Cleaning Power (Blackpowder Crud)

I’m telling you guy’s, These Little Hand held steam Cleaners are AMAZING at Cleaning Blackpowder Gunk. I started this Fad not long after i got in to Muzzleloading, i was over at Buffalo Arms and Noticed a Pedersoli Steam cleaner (700 or more Dollar unit!!) I was talking to a guy about it, he said “Get a Little hand held unit” Steam is Steam! The Pedersoli is just Fancy, and EXPENSIVE! You can Buy these little Steam Cleaners on Amazon for 25-35 Bucks, Believe me they are WELL worth it!

1 note of caution that I warned a few years ago with Steam Cleaners, If you steam through the Breech end (Nipple hole) of a Sidelock Muzzleloader and you Shoot “Slip Fit” Paper Patch Bullets, Your First Shot (Clean Cold Bore) will end up in another County! After that 1st AWOL shot, Your Rifle will Settle back in where it always was. It made NO SENSE then, and Stil Doesn’t today? But it’s a Fact that it happens!

This Breech Plug was NASTY, Took My Little Steam Cleaner about 30 Seconds, maybe 1 minute To get this Breech plug, and Vent liner back to Brand new looking again, When i am done Steam Cleaning a Breech Plug, nipple, etc. It literally would pass for Brand new unfired, Even the Flash Hole, i can literally force steam through the Tiny .028 Flash hole and clean it back to New. These Little Steam Cleaners work AMAZING!

Zoomed in and cropped from above photo, Breech plug and Vent liner is literally like brand new again
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