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POR 15 had been around a LONG time, long time proven to work, from high end restores on classic cars to tractors and trucks and what ever,
LOTS of others have copied and tried to be the same, but FEW I have seen hold up as well!

here is an example that sold me, if you care to hear it

I was re doing a rusty frame on an atv, and when I was all done, I happened to have a old shovel hanging near by,
I simply sprayed the shovel down with there de greaser , washed off, let dry then did the metal prep spray, didn;t have much left so didn;t get much on it!
, washed off, let dry in the sun about 20 minutes and painted HALF of it!
it was rather rust shovel!

over that summer, I shoveled about 40 ton of 2 B gravel, filling a small trailer to haul to a spot I couldn;t get larger things to!
at the end of the summer, after all that gravel, the paint on it, still looked almost new!, NO rust coming thru, NO wear and tear from all that gravel being shoveled with it!

shovel hung up outside for 3 more yrs and still looked good, but then a buddy backed over it with his truck????#$$%%??
and he took it home to throw it away without telling me<
or I would have still had it to see how long it lasted!
but after 3 yrs of being outside 24/7 in all weather, before he ran it over, it was still rust free where painted with por 15!

the stuff is crazy strong, I again, have nothing to gain by saying this,
I just know it works and works VERY well
way better than anything Rustolium ever made period!
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