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Default Tagged out in Maine..

It has been a very hard year of turkey hunting up this way. I have not heard a gobble after the first week of hunting. I ended up having a rock flatten a tire on me Memorial Day. It wasnít to bad of a hole so yesterday I took it to get patched up. I just leave camp and see a decent Tom going. Never saw him again. Later that afternoon I set up two hen decoys and seven jakes and eight hens show up. I decided to try and get a jake seeing itís getting late. Yessah I shoot and missed it. I figured I had blown it and wonít be getting another chance. Then just before dark I see three jakes fly across a stream and land up in some pine trees. I figured that I have now found the roosting area. This morning I set up two hen decoys and called for a little while. I waited and up over the edge of some ledges comes a tom and two jakes followed by five hens. When they came in on the decoys I fired on the tom. Yessah it was a decent tom with a nine and a half inch beard, both spurs were 7/8 inches and warn quite bad. Now get this it was skinny and only weighed 17 pounds. It also had part of a toe missing go figure.. But still was a nice bird nonetheless.. But then again I am proud of every bird I get..
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