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Default Any solutions for Sako 85 ejection issues - hoping Brock Ryder came up with something

I purchased my Sako 85 pre-owned. This 270 win Shoots like a dream - ejection is - as many of you know - a nightmare. Reading and re-reading the multitude of posts over the years & researching possible solutions - it is hard to believe that for the most part this issue has gone unsolved. Sako is in "production and financial denial". The idea of selling it to someone who is not yet aware of this issue is not right. In one of the latter posts Brock Ryder stated he had the solution - remaking the claw to better fit mediium action brass like the 270 W & 30-06. I know it is an ancient post - but I am sure many of us who like to carry this firearm afield still hope their Sako firearm issue can be resolved. Updates much appreciated.
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