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Nontypical Buck
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not to hijack your tread but I know your a bear guy
I get a LOT of them here, last few days been pretty active here
so figured would share a couple
the bigger one is actually a twin, his brother is a little larger than he is, but got tagged last summer, so now wears earrings, makes it easier to tell them apart when there not together, and amazingly they do still travel together pretty often, or, do show up here together, for the past 9-10 yrs now
I get a lot of female bears here, so they seem to be on the look for love right now
first one is a small female, second is a small male I been calling trouble, as he is was too curious about things here, always in my open buildings and likes carrying things in his mouth, never far, but last week or so, been keeping me busy putting things back LOL
I don't mind, 40+ yrs here and never any real damage minus a rare once in while trash can raid, and thats only maybe once a yr if that
we get along well I think, I will never blame them for being what they are, and enjoy seeing them as often I get to
any how, enjoy!
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