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I have to disagree that you should hire a guide. Reason being you'll harvest one on your own and the tag is $326, you and your dad can take that few thousand dollars saved and go on a semi guided elk hunt in CO/MT/UT with the money saved. For the same amount you'd pay to go on a guided antelope hunt in WY, you could go on a semi guided elk and DIY antelope hunt. I'm doing both WY antelope and CO elk OTC this year for under $1000 because it's all DIY. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions.

I bet you got a bunch personal messages from outfitters, i did after making posts like this. The benefit I see in hiring an outfitter is nothing other than their ability to field judge bucks. They can potentially get you access to private land, but you're going to be paying the landowner for it, just through the outfitter. You can find private land to access on CL for a couple hundred bucks if you're worried about pressure from other hunters.
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