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Where were you 2 weeks ago when I bought a used one in .243. I would have snatched this right up. That's a decent price. As for shipping I'm not sure how that works. You definitely have to ship to an FFL.. As for shipping...this is what I found:(https://www.gunlawsbystate.com/train...d-automobiles/) Alternatively, a person may ship firearms directly to an FFL holder in any state. In other words, an FFL is not required in both states to effectuate this shipping, although this may be advised as a way to mitigate unnecessary risk.
A final point to always remember is that handguns are non-mailable items and cannot be shipped through the United States Post Office1. A common or commercial carrier has to ship handguns. In addition, this shipping would have to be permissible under a consideration of all other local, state and federal laws. And the carrier’s rules must be followed.

Now if I were you I would check my state laws and not go by this.
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