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well fixing your own things is great if you have the skills, ability and the HEALTH and TIME to do so but I know for a FACT NOT everyone is capable of doing there own work and or learning how do, and the time spent on learning and mistakes that can be made by , lack of training.learning curve can get super costly REAL fast!
YES it can be done, but its NOT something I personally feel most can do any more, all the more so on newer tractors that are almost impossible to be fixed at home, due to the fact so many electronic's and special tools needed these days to work on the, the costs lone would never be worth buying these tools!

the good old days of being a MR fit it at home, have pass IMO

and this is also why I personally still like and use and own OLD tractors LOL
they were made so the average idiot could work on them, NO bashing, but many old time farmers were not educated with much if any schooling, so this is a FACT, and why throngs were made to be simple on them
add in most were OVER BUILT, as they didn't do extreme testing to find the breaking point and THEN ONLY build to just the edge of it
they over built to be sure it lasted and worked!
and why there are so many tractors from the 40's and 60's still working today
I doubt you will see any tractors from about 2000+ still about 60+ yrs down the road , all that cheap crap they stuck in/on them will; have long fallen apart on age alone!
Modern these are MADE top fail so you buy again,l
its NOT about a company's reputation that makes sales anymore, as it was long ago, its now about silly marketing adds < and they care less about returning customers, as populations grow, there is as they say a NEW IDIOT Born every minute!
sorry about the rant LOL

but sadly is what it is IMO!
IF the OP has Interest, he might be able to find a good repair guy by going to several business that deal in heavy equipment,
construction companys, oil companys, or the likes
I found my repair guy asking the owner of my local home heating oil business, that also owns a bunch of heavy equipment.
and the man has been a GOD sent for me, smart, skilled works fast and CHEAP, as my health limits what all I can do anymore
he will do 10 times the work in 1/4 the time any dealer I have ever used will!

but again, you have to look to find folks like this, I think I asked about 25 places before I found him!
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