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One reason I learned to fix my own junk is that I've never found a mechanic that I could trust.

I learned enough to know when I was being lied to or BS'd. I've heard that before, the problem was labor intensive and they would buy it from me (at a steal).

I can't remember the last time I gave any of my vehicles up to a mechanic and they didn't neglect to fix the problem or half-assed it. The last time was when I had a new auto trans put in my Jeep, when it got home the first thing I did was check the fluid level and for leaks. No leaks, but the fluid was six quarts low. They only put in half the oil I was charged for. That is just one of my many bad experiences.

IMO take some pictures and send them to the regional offices and see what they have to say. It is likely to take more than one letter and be a process.
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