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The problem that I had was the mechanic is not good and his daddy didn't do anything to resolve the issues even after I emailed him several times and calling saying he should resolve his kid's mistake because he was the owner. He kept giving me excuses saying his son was busy or on the road and he would have his son call me. it's only about 5 years now and I am still waiting.

I took my tractor there because I was having a problem with the joystick for the FEL and to get some new hydraulic hoses. Also I wanted to get all the fluids changed along with any other maintenance recommendations. My bill was over a thousand dollars that included pickup & delivery which was $150 to go 3 miles.

When I got the tractor back the FEL was not working properly because they had several hoses hooked up wrong. Several weeks later, I noticed the hoses were colored coordinated with the joystick and I reinstalled them correctly. I had some other issues but I don't recall what they were. A friend of mine who is handy figured it out.and he fixed it.
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