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Originally Posted by MudderChuck View Post
Good advice. Another tip would be to keep a copy and/or a record of any correspondence or conversation about the issue. You may want to contact a regional or national customer rep. I've had decent luck going to the top. And it has been my experience the higher the stack of paper you can provide, the better the outcome.
I can agree and dis agree with this logic, and I will say why
YES some times going over a local dealers head to show how there treating there customers and or pr service
can get some sanctification and or results
it can also backfire on you, making the Local dealer screw you even more if you ever need them
they can make you wait longer for parts/service, claiming busy or??
and just make life harder on you, say some day you working and something simple fails and you just want to grab a part off them
they can be jerks to you in a time of need

so some times, its not worth the storm you make going over there heads, have to ask yourself what will the outcome be at BEST and is it worth it to maybe burn a close bridge, as some times thing break and you don';t want to wait to order parts online and or travel far to go get them, even if you DON"T desire to do business with the local shop, some times there still a needed place to have close by

and trust me I get this all too well
I had a local to me NH dealer charge me over a grand for some services, only to find they never did them!
I would love to go in there screaming and or over there heads to get this dealer in trouble with its upper tiers
BUT the next closest dealer is pretty FAR away, and the costs and down time to HAVE to head there for dumb simple parts. aint; worth tit to me
sucks for sure
but I feel I would never get my money back, and now KNOW how this dealer is, and NOT to give them any service work, but fo in a pinch when a machine breaks down and its going to cost money or waste time to go else where, there a much needed evil to keep over making a big fuss and loosing them all together, or never trusting them again on parts
be damaging them before handing them over to you, , they might have in stock and tell you they don't, or crap like that.
some times you have to sadly bite your tongue to benefit from this stuff!
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