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Default Tractor problems

I have a 2001 Kubota tractor 32 hp, 4wd, FEL, with about 700 hrs, I believe the tractor is a DT 3000. The gear lever that engages the tractor from neutral into either fast or slow broke. The guy who is trying to fix the tractor said it may be a major problem because he has to take the tractor apart like splinting the tractor in half.

He offered to buy the tractor off of me for a couple of thousand but I have no idea what it is worth or how much it would cost to fix the problem.

It it should be noted that there is a Kubota dealer near me but I vowed not to go to him because I had issues with the owner and his mechanic who is the owners son. A lot of the locals also complain about their service.

if I sold the tractor what would be a fair price
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