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odds are HIGH you can sure find places like that
but the name of the game sadly is, will others be walking thru , or showing up, or will deer be there in GUN season
hunting with archery gear gets you more time to kill a deer and at a time of season when a LOT less hunters are out, increasing your odds of having a easy spot close to a road to yourself!
Indiana is a BIG farming state, lots of ag
, so, I would try and find public lands near standing crops in small maybe over looked public land spots!
getting to know your local game warden IMO is a great idea, be surprised what honey holes they know of that MAYBE they can share with you , or point you in the right direction!
X bows do make life a lot easier for those with health issue's too, easy loading cranks on newer one's and a ton of models out there these days to pick from as well as price points!
HO and using a actual DEER CART over a wheel barrow will make your life a LOT easier, as one you push, one you pull, and the deer carts are way better balanced and less likely to tip over on you, or run that tip bar into a object and make you say some un kind words when you do LOL
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