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yes Ive noticed a similar trend, the local gun shops all want to give you very little on a trade in,
but want top dollar on the inventory they want too sell, now obviously,
thats more or less the way business has always worked to some extent,
but its damn hard to hand over a rifle in pristine condition ,
that may have had less than three or four boxes of ammo through it,
and in many cases the older rifles were built with higher quality and better fit & finish work,
and accept less than half of what you paid for it , no mater what the time frame,
between the two transactions....especially when its on the shelf marked up to double later on,
so theres a good many guys with a few safe queens they won,t bother trading in.
if you have something unique or in pristine condition or rare,
try to find a local buyer that appreciates what you have for sale.
you might be amazed at what some older rifles and hand guns sell for.
most of the local shops low-ball your guns, in my experience,
no mater the condition or value, hoping to maximize their profits.
ask around if your in the market, you may find a friend that has what you want
,and strike a bargain you both benefit from.

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