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Been here in Illinois for 14+ years now. And I for one would like to know where this decrease of deer numbers some of you people are crying about comes from. I see more deer on a daily basis than a lot of folks see in their lifetime. I have no problems whatsoever with allowing rifles into Illinois deer hunting. I have been a pretty hard supporter for it as a matter of fact. I have a feeling some of you "the sky is falling" people get your declining deer numbers from the harvest reports. News flash Egbert, less hunters= less deer harvested and the hunters numbers have been declining not only here in Illinois but across the country. I, like GM54, hunt primarily with a smokepole even during gun season. But I sure wouldn't mind being able to take out the 06 or the 7mm08 on a foul day. I love my little Renegade and have taken a staggering number of whitetail with it, but her and nasty weather are not friendly together.
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