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Originally Posted by dhasemann View Post
This is true but a 30-06 in a plastic low end rifle can shoot farther, be just as accurate and cost a lot less money. Those custom muzzle loaders can get expensive. I for one am not for rifles in Illinois. Seem like a fix where there is not a problem.
what is the difference really?100-200 yards is where most deer are shot(or less to be honest, and both do it just fine)

sure there are cheap muzzloaders,(plactis stocks and all) that may intimidate new hunters, that don't know as much about shooting, that might not want to try things, where a rifle with loaded ammo for them might not be so scared of trying the great sport so many of us love!

as if it opens the door to MORE folks hunting, I think its a good thing, were loosing hunters at an alarming rate across the usa
rifle, shotgun, muzzle loader. WHO cares, if they do it legally!
fear of things that MIGHT happen is NO way to live!
there are a lot of places where riffles are used and things are safe and there are BIG bucks to boot!

hunters need to stick together and NOT fight each other
there have been so many debates like this over the past 50 yrs in hunting its rather silly to me
for yrs and when all there was was long bow and re curves, and compounds entered the ERA,
huge amounts of bow hunters wanted them banned, fearing everyone and there brother would soon be killing tons of deer with em, then same with crossbow, where everyone was supposed to turn into an outlaw or>> using them
then the semi auto crazy of making them illegal and then legal in many places to hunt with' ALL FEARS of things, that never really happened
there will always be outlaws and cheaters and bad apples
but honestly there a smaller portion than the whole!
what YOU like, doesn't mean others will like, so why should they cater to YOU
the majority wins most times, if rifles are wanted, then , maybe they should be allowed , to keep the sport going, which is a bigger side of things than what WEAPON is being used IMO!
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