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bronko it's a great gun i've got one & it shoots as accurate as my t/c encore or triumph. the twist rate is 1 in 28 . to open it slide back the hood hinge & wala. to remove breech plug use a 7/16 socket & out it what i use for hunting is 100 grains of bh209 & a barnes 300 gr mz expander. zero it @ 100 yrds & your good out to 150 w/o any problem. they go for 200 new on sale. the new impacts have a hand removeable breech plug & no they are not interchangeable,i think you will like it. they call it a great youth gun & also it's a top seller for their low end inline muzzleloader. only problem with t/c now is their customer service. i have basically begged for a new catalog for the past 3 years & still have not received one yet.
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