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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
A lot quicker and less trouble simply to buy a decocking bolt and shoot it into a stump or the ground.
It is Oldtimr but that can get expensive! I had a decocking bolt and it lasted two shots. My friend shot his crossbow into the bank with it, retrieved it and handed it to me. I shot into almost the same place and hit a rock which broke the decocking bolt!.
Like I stated in my post above my cocking cord has all the slack taken out of it while it is on the bow and the bow is "at rest" in such a manner that it remains on the string and won't come off. When I decock the bow using the cord I just leave it on the string and it is all set for the next time out. It is perfectly safe to decock in this manner. Watch the video below and you will see how easy it is.
Bzlytbeer I have the same bow.

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