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Thanks for the help everyone. I think I misspoke earlier. It about 4 or 5 inches off at 100 yards not feet sorry about that. One shot will be 5 inches left of center and the next might be 5 inches right of center. I also have a 270 that I shot and Its on. No problems with it. I have no idea what the gunsmith took off to clean it. He could have completely disassembled it completely and i called him to ask but he doesn't remember. I looked at the crown but I don't see anything wrong. There is no dings or pits as far as i can tell. how can i tell if the stock is the issue or recoil buffer pad. The funny thing is that it shot great and dead on before i dropped it. If is is the crown about how much does is cost to repair it. Thanks again for all the help.
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