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I have shot both from shooting sleds and sandbags, both can be fine, as long as you are consistent. Did you have two actual gunsmiths redo your gun, or just two guys who work where they sell guns? Most gunshops I am in nowadays, I wouldn't let them touch mine.
Are you at all comfortable with tooling with our guns? Are the scopes of decent quality and not bargain basement? If so, I would start by removing the scopes, checking all mounts for tightness. Place the scope back in the mounts, (cradle/ clamp the gun in sandbags or a bench so it is level and solid)....check that it is level with a small pocket bubble level. replace the mounts,freq. checking to see the scope itself is still level. tightening them evenly. There is a small scope mount torque wrench sold, but I haven't invested in it yet...probably be a good tool though, if you do a lot of shooting. If the scope is torqued unevenly, it can deform the optics, causing messed up groupings. Someone else mentioned to have someone else tag along, so see how it shoots for them. good idea...we don't always see our own mistakes.
Be sure you are shooting the same brand, type and weight of bullet...I prefer the same lot number also.
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