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Don't be afraid to hunt over on the other side of that ridge. This means one will probably end up hunting down. Hunting down is mentally very uncomfortable, but it may pay off. Most other hunters are too sensible to do such a thing.

Hunting on the other side of that ridge will get one away from most/many other hunters, and may allow one to stumble into undisturbed elk. Mostly, you will just get tired, and won't see elk.

Having a well designed durable pack frame is a great help. A good pack frame allows one to wander far from the truck/camp. Remember, if one hunts down, one has to pack the meat up. It is surprising how carrying elk quarters up is easier on knees than carrying them down. Carrying elk up isn't fun, nor easy. Carrying elk down isn't fun nor easy. Good heavy duty meat sacks are good to have, as is plenty of rope.
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