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I'm sure at some point two rather controversial subjects will come up for discussion, in the thread, the use and effectiveness,
of various camo vs the use of required blaze orange in many locations,
and the necessity of scent or odor control and a hunters awareness of thermals and how odor can effect or degrade hunter success rates.
In my experience proper use of camo is far more critical in archery season where ranges and any elks ability to detect movement at the closer ranges is obviously greater,
but from what I've read scientists have determined elk and deer eye sight differed a great deal from human eye sight.
ungulate eye sight sees blue and yellow shades well but the orange and red shades are much harder to differentiate,
and are likely seen as shades of greys, yellow and blue. that may be true, but they catch movement very easily.
elk key on movement and odor , and if your seated in brush and no movement is detected ,
camo is not mandatory, but in my experience it provides a minor advantage,
(minor mostly because your forced in many areas to wear 500 sq inches of orange,
even if it appears grey or yellow thats still a larger single unbroken area, easily seen if it moves)
good camo even in a black and white photo breaks up your outline making what you are at distance more difficult to determine.

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