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yes, its critical you pick your out of state hunt companions carefully, its critical everyone reads and understands each states regulations
.having taken several dozen out of state 1 -2 week hunts,and hunts covering several states over 5 decades.
"at times in two states when the dates ran consecutively or over lapped and cash flow was great)
it helps screen out the less helpful people if you take a few longer weekend deer hunts with all the potential applicants for a out of state elk hunt first,
you may not eliminate all the losers and cheap skates,who won,t pitch in cover their fair share of work and expenses,
and those that expect everything to work out perfectly, but you will be able to identify many,and not have too deal with them later as a result,
its always a P.I.T.A. if your dealing with some guy who subconsciously feels,hes been lied too!
and that if he spent one or two days wondering aimlessly around, in what he has been told too believe is "elk country"
and not only him, but everyone else in camp has failed to even see an elk, hes ready to pack it in and go home.
once you've had experience in elk hunting you'll find that ELK can and do cover a lot of terrain, an over night snow that allows you to see,
obviously fresh tracks (even the new guys can now tell fresh from 3-5 day old) tends to help , but if your not seeing elk, change altitude and type of cover,
they will NOT tend to be wondering out in open meadows, and they do require feed, water, cover and vastly prefer low hunter pressure,
thus it generally will require learning to get into less easily reached areas and watching your air flow and odor , and learning to glass and use a topo map.
its called HUNTING, not... out of state, step out of the truck,and shoot your trophy elk"
the fact is less than 40% of the hunters hunting ,even in good areas fill a tag in any given year,

you can generally tell the good guys vs the less useful when it comes time to put on the snow chains, or pack out an elk from over a mile away from the truck that someone else shot, or if the truck gets stuck or breaks down, by who considers it a huge P.I.T.A. vs the guys that jump, into help with out complaining, jack up the truck, and install snow chains of open their wallet when an un-expected bill is presented,

I well remember both myself and my late hunting partner wearing 70-80 lb back packs , full of elk he had shot,
while leaning on aspen for support, in a deep canyon in Wyoming,trying hard too catch our breath ,

I turned to him and said " we paid how much to do this?"
both of us burst out laughing so hard neither of us could catch our breath for 10 minutes
thats the kind of hunting partner you want!

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