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Default elk etc.

Many other sites that have special areas to draw in the multitude of guys that as looking for easy and free information each year on elk and pronghorn hunts. Maybe a topic areas such as your popular whitetail deer topic would attract traffic. Of course many of these people just want someone to tell them where to go for an easy and highly successful hunt (a honey hole) and may not stay around on your site very long after their applications for licenses are filed.

Most of these sites seem to have a dozen or so "experts" that stayed logged in read these questions and to dispense their wisdom. You currently have a few guys that have killed a couple of elk and consider themselves to be in the know, and maybe you can attract a couple of pronghorn guys. You probably even have a very small handful of current posters that have taken many heads of this game or live in the Rocky Mountain states.

I am absolutely not an expert in either of these areas but I would chime in occasionally. I have only been on a few dozen successful hunts for these animals and do not live in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, or New Mexico so it is usually best policy for me to listen instead of speaking.
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