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No, I have not shot it. It is a replacement for one that my grandfather gave to my father when he was young, he was born in 1902 so it was an early one before Savage put their mark on the receiver. It was the first gun that I shot as a little kid and I hunted with it while I was growing up. When I was away in the military my father sold it and his grandfather's civil war rifle, not thinking that they were important to anyone else. My son came across one awhile back and gave it to me while I was in the hospital. It was a great pick-me-up. It is not my father's gun, being one of the SVG marked models but it brought back memories. The bore is in very good condition with no rust but the receiver had issues that someone had taken a hacksaw to. I found a replacement receiver and it is all at a gunsmiths now having the parts swapped. I tried to change the hammer, lever, trigger myself and did not have enough hands(no vice to hold it in) to get it done. The wood is great, bluing is OK but shows some wear here and there. I thought about having it polished and a reblue done but decided against it, my father's Crackshot was not in as good a condition as this one. It also needs a front sight installed. I bought new screws for the receiver too, the old ones were bad looking. I have a couple of boxes of regular velocity long rifles that I will shoot in it when I get it back. I won't shoot it much, it is a wall hanger.
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