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Hey guys
Hope all is well here.

I need some help on my video problem on my trail camera. I have a M50i trail camera and i am happy with it except for this problem. When an animal walks in front if the camera the camera will detect it and it knows its there, but for some reason the camera takes to long to start taking the video. By the time the camera starts to take the video the animal has already walked half way across the screen. And then i only get the animal walking or running the rest of the way. If any of you have ever experienced this i would appreciate it if you told your experience.

The M-50i has roughly a 2 second video trigger...Are you setting your cameras at an angle to the intended photo field? This will give the camera more time to "wake up". I have the M-40i which is basically the same camera. I have not had any problems with video on my cameras. Also, make sure your camera has the latest firmware update? Go here and see if you need an update.

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