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Default 2019 squirrel contest

Alright, time to sign up, set teams, and start posting pictures.

2018 was a good year for the contest, although slower than previous years. Let's grow bigger this year. Get your squirrel hunting friends involved as well.

We have some members with almost year around squirrel seasons. . The contest will run until the end of the year, and next January we will start the new years contest. Anyone can sign up anytime. We had allot of squirrels entered in this past contest, allot of participation. Hope to see another good year here. Invite your friends.

Same as before, Any DEAD (ALLEYYOOPER will personally inspect each squirrel to ensure that it has in fact ceased to be alive.... )Squirrel, by any legal methods. Post a picture of your squirrel, preferably with gun/bow for it to be counted. If you need to skin them before you can get a picture, just post the skinned ones. As more sign up, I'll add them to the teams!

Also If anyone has youth hunters that are not members of the site, but would like to be in the contest, just Pm me and we'll add them with you on your team. We've had this in the past a few times and have had some PMs asking about it.


1. Bocajnala
2. Longhunter1750: 1,3,4,3,7,3,5,3,7,5,6,4,4,4,4,1 total: 64
3. John1984: 1,1,1,3 total:6
4. Jrbsr
5. Seniorcitizen
6. EShoreMD
7. TNLonewolf: 1, total 1
8. Brod_man 1 Total: 1

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