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I have been a member on here since before the big meltdown of 03. I am in here almost every day but being a Canuck, things on here don`t really apply to me so I do not respond BUT I do enjoy the read. I used to go into chat when over 20 members were chatting( try to keep up to that). This site was one of the first that I discovered when I finally "went on line" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Made a few friends on here and met a few in person. Spent a week in Kentucky because of this site and am still friends with those folks.
Yes, times have changed. This was a great site at one time but to my belief and after reading a lot on here, it would seem some of the past mods on here kinda got carried away with their power and this is where everything went downhill (in my opinion only). Also the vast improvement with different chat sites and such, ours became obsolete(?)
Anyways, lets hope this site improves and new blood will find this place. Like I said, I have always enjoyed this site as it was one of the first I had discovered.

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