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I just thought i should make others aware of a liar/scam artist using this site. My friends and i made arrangements back in august to trade a deer hunt in ok for a duck hunting bow fishing combo hunt. We traded photos and chatted all summer and agreed upon dates. Make a long story shorter we arrive in ok to find out the house he promised us to ourselves is occupied by his mom dad and himseld as well as 5 dogs. Conditions here were very bad so we moved to hotel after sleeping on recliners the 1st night after our 9 hr drive. Went hunting in the am he took us on public ground that he had never been on. We asked if we needed stands and were told it was all prepared for us to hunt. We sat on the ground. 8 hunts on public ground ( 4 ppl 2 hunts ea) saw 1 deer all he was concerned with was his tinder girls. We turned around and drove home eating license sandwich. The 400 ac he promised with stands and food plots are his dads that we were not allowed to hunt. All the trail cam pics he sent us to pump us up were pics other ppl sent him. People do not waste your valuable time and money with this fella. There is so much more that i cannot put in this thread. If anybody has questions or a hunt set up with this guy contact me 1st i will give yiu the full scoop. If you would like to trade hunts with someone reputable and and will cater to you like you are on a 2500$ paid hunt with good food good people a good place to stay and with someone who will put you on animals contact me. Guys like him make me never want to leave my state again.
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