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Originally Posted by t.shaffer View Post
bronko i'm not sure if i would try that. all i do is take a bolt with a field point & shoot it into a block target. if i forget the target i just put one in the ground maybe ten yrds out. they do make a small bolt to discharge into the ground. just shatters heard they run around 10 to 12 $ a aluminum bolt runs 4 bucks & can be reused alot of times
Well I tried it and its no big deal. When you're done hunting for the day all you do is remove the bolt, take off safe (once a bolt has been inserted and removed the anti-dry fire mechanism is disengaged) put your cocking string on as normal but pull all the slack to your off side. Because I'm lefty I have all the slack on the right side. Grab the handle on the right (probably be up around your arm pit) and put tension on it. Pull the trigger and slowly lower the string.
I like to have my cocking cord snug on the string by taking up all the slack plus a tad extra so it will stay there until I'm ready to go out again. Then all I have to do is grab the handles and cock the bow.
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