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Originally Posted by hunters_life View Post
A lot of things could have affected your grouping and yes uneven lube can cause poor groups. Usually not that big of a difference but some. But it could very well be that that particular barrel doesn't like that particular weight or overall shape of that 405 you cast. It could also be the hardness of the lead as well. Maybe Ed's are a touch harder or softer which will create a big difference in how the bullet obturates. You know how picky some rifles can be about their dinner.
Could be HL. But not really sure its the bullet because at the same size +paper patched they shoot great out of my Pedersoli Sharps. (see below pic) That group measures 0.75" C-C. I have to check the twist rate of that barrel to see how much different it is over my 1:30 GM LRH barrel on my muzzy.
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