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Default A Dozen Shots With The .50 TC/GM Renegade

I had an interesting shooting session yesterday I thought I'd share with you guys.

One of the guns I plan to use this deer season is my TC Renegade with a .50 caliber Green Mountain Long Range Hunter barrel. I haven't shot this gun in the last few years and thought (but wasn't sure) that it was sighted in for 240 grain/.429 Deep Curls. Also, I'd never shot it beyond 100 yards and wanted to verify trajectory out to 150 yards because that's the distance to the back end of one of my food plots.

The day was beautiful - sunny and low humidity. But the wind was a little more than I would have liked, persistent and squirrely.

My plan was to take two shots at 25 yards to verify that the scope was set for the load I was shooting (it was), then take two shots at each 25 yard interval out to 150 yards. That's what I did.

Here's the gun.

And here's the target.

Now here's the interesting thing. I was shooting a 95 grain load which produces an average velocity of just under 1650 fps with that bullet. Looking through my files I found I had an old ballistic chart for that bullet that I'd printed a few years back using the Ballistic Calculator at That chart was for a velocity of 1600 fps (close enough?). Here's the chart. You can compare it to the real world results yourself. As for me - I've always been impressed by how close the results of that calculator are to my shooting results with various loads and guns.

Here's a link to the calculator.

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