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Originally Posted by NeverWill View Post
I thought I read somewhere about the allocation of the tax cuts. Who got the money. I doubt you need a link.

Of course #45 increased spending. GOP ALWAYS increases spending.

BTW the BHO economy handed off an economy that was screaming toward those lows. You know and have posted that job growth has slowed under this POTUS.
please, don't duck and weave. You post actual links. Don't throw out your talking points. It's so obvious you're not who you claim to be. You can't even repeat a talking point from a year ago. You don't remember it. If you were who you claimed to be, the bonus in your paycheck after the tax cuts would have been a memorable moment. That fact it wasn't proved you don't make squat and therefore earn very little income. Let me go out on a limb and say, you actually have never paid anything more than payroll taxes which you couldn't tell us today what they were.

fyi, you're now posting after hours which you said you would never do because you wanted to be masked with your IP. Now schools out because you've graduated. Now your gravy train has come to an end. Welcome to the working world check out your FICA dude
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