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Originally Posted by MudderChuck View Post
That human rights thing is used selectively. One of those human rights is due process, you know like presenting evidences and innocent until proven guilty.

1. I didn't see any Democrats talking about human rights while they were flaying Kavanaugh.

2. Hillary's foes seemed to have more than their fair share of accidents and timely demises, shortly before giving evidence.. You'd havea better chance of walking down the street in Chicago with a "I hate *****es" sign hanging from your neck than you would crossing Hillary.
1. The hearing was conducted by the rules that apply. It's fair to say Kavanaugh (a fellow Irish catholic) was on trial. Maybe the prosecution was a little more zealous than needed. But he did not conduct himself as I would expect a man of Honor to.

2. I think this mostly rumor with a dash of race baiting. Beneath you certainly.

To be blunt, the switch/diversion tactic of bringing up Hillary or Obama every time trump or any other Republican's actions are called into question is getting old. All it proves is that you are at a loss as to what you should say. Which is something you should reflect on personally.
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