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What is your budget? Slugs at 200yrds will have a lot of drop to manage, and you’ll need to be sure you are placing your point of aim exactly. This is NOT a job for a red dot or ghost ring sights. It can be done, but it is far more responsible to equip yourself for greater reliability of and forgiveness of performance - get a scope.

At 200yrds, I want a bit of magnification, and I certainly would want a graduated milling or MOA’ing reticle to let me hold over as necessary. First Focal Plane optics simplify things a great deal, but a second focal is manageable if you pay attention to what you’re doing.

The Vortex Razor Gen II 1-6x is on sale at Europtic right now for under $1,000. The Sig Tango4 1-4x might be a reasonable option, although a little low on magnification, for about $600. For a bit more, the Tango4 4-16x would be my go to option. Bushnell Engage optics are very affordable with second focal, MOA’ing reticles. The new Bushnell Forge scopes are also very good, with First Focal options.

Now enter a bunch of guys with flame throwers talking about hitting pie pans at 200yrds their slug gun and claiming 4-16x is way too high powered for a slug gun, or claiming $600-1000 is too much to spend on an optic for a slug gun... don’t care... I know how much magnification I want so I KNOW where I’m placing my POA at 200yrds, and I know how advantageous first focal milling reticles are for managing drop on punkin’ chunkers like slug guns... The right gear makes a relatively challenging task into an easy one.
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