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Originally Posted by Semisane View Post
Man Sabotloader, it's a wonder that rock pit isn't completely paved with clay bird particles by now, and called the Orange Chip Pit.
No the clay birds I am using are Bio Degradable. Once they get chipped and moisture get to the broken edges they star dissolving. They are completely gone in two years actually mostly gone in a year. I wish everyone that shot there would use them but there are a lot of regular birds there also that take a whole lot longer to decay away.

The other thing look at all the trash in the pit!!!! I wish people would realize that is the biggest reason the Forest Service wants to close the pit as well as a lot of private land owners!!! You can see I have started a couple of burn piles I the pit - each time I walk up and back I collect a handful of trash and throw it on one of the piles. I was a Recreation Tech on the District for 25+ years - I can tell you how many hours I, my crew, and others have spent in there picking up the pit.

Good shooting there bud.

Still in the high 80's/low 90's down this-a-way. But good shooting weather is only about two weeks away.
It was a warmer and drier than normal here this summer but we are getting some relief right now... but not to worry Oct. 10 when the season starts it will be warm and dry - shirt sleeve weather...
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