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Default Back in the Rock Pit...

Got a late start, bit I took time to go back out to the rock pit and to verify what I had completed on the 7th...

Same Knight Western Ulite rifle same loads...Except I did get the site adjusted to provide more elevation

This is the bird setup... but I did set up a paper target just in case...

4 shots later

At the end of the shoot I found these two clay pigeon chips located on the wall up and to the left of where I was shooting... If you look closely you can see two separate chips.


I loaded up and decided to take the chip on the left first - it was the largest... First shoot removed the larger chip but did not effect the lie of the second chip. Loaded up again decided to try for the small chip. For this shot I had to hold the front bead below the chip... (remember that I am sighted in to be right at 3" high @ 100 yards. I laid the rifle in the rests on the bench and estimated a distance that I believed would allow me to hit the chip. The way the chip was resting if I were to low I would hit the rock ledge under the chip. Got on the chip and held it and took the shot. Really? I wasn't expecting a hit but it things were right and the chip disappeared!

Timing worked out pretty well it was right at noon when I finished the last and it was really starting to warm up... It gets real warm in the rock pit real quick. Packed up and headed out...

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