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Originally Posted by Semisane View Post
Inferior bucks are mighty hard to identify. Here's a buck that was a 3-point last year. He looks a little different this year. (2017 & 2018 photos.)

You are right about that, I'm middle good at it, another guy I shared a lease with is much better at it. If you hunt one area for enough years you can often pick out the lineage of the Deer, coloration and build. We get quotas and have to shoot a certain number of Deer from different age groups and gender. Picking the right ones is as much a talent as a science. Still if a Buck with an impressive well formed rack and a good build walks by, I let it go, I have one Doe now that looked three at two years, long legs and a really red coat. I tell anybody that hunts my lease if you shoot her you get your ass kicked.
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