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Thanks for taking the time to respond guys and I would have to agree trophies are different to each hunter. At this point I think I will simply take the largest bear I see I used to hunt when it was lega to bait in Colorado but unfortunately for us hunters the voters made it a lot harder for us to get a bear especially if we don't want to hike a lot of miles which I don't. I originally had some cameras on a mountain where I have seen tracks for years and almost got a shot at a nice sow but in Colorado it is illegal to shoot a mother with cubs or the cubs, I wouldn't kill a cub anyway those cubs are now grown they separated last year. I had no success at all catching any bears on that mountain on my cams so I moved all my cameras to a different mountain and some to a different area entirely and those cameras started getting hit hard which really surprised me because bears are so territorial you wouldn't think that many bears would hit my cameras but there is a house nearby and a creek at the base of the mountain so I'm thinking that those two are the reasons why I'm getting different bears but they're not hitting it consistently so I think I will still be lucky to get a bear this year. so as far as really large bears I'm only seeing one cinnamon possibly color phase with blond on her neck and one large black bear the rest look like younger bears and of course when hunting season comes in October for me there probably won't be any bears on my cameras.

. This guy is not color phase but only shedding correct?
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