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Originally Posted by RockyMtnGobblers View Post
Thanks kellyguinn,
I've hunted black bear once before and almost pulled the trigger but she had Cubs so if I got one this year it would be my first. That's interesting you say color phase I had several of those on my camera but only one big one I think I'm just going to take the biggest one I see but I do hope it's cinnamon or a color phase myself.
image of the maybe 3 year old color phase bear here....
I do have a large color phase bear on cam in pics above, both have the blond on their necks.

Well good luck to ya and keep posting up those pics. We have the bear here in the SE part of the state but with no baiting on public land it is almost impossible to compete. I am just starting to venture out of state for a hunt here and there so hopefully I'll get a crack in a few years. Heading to SD for a Merriams hunt in April and can't wait!! Gonna give the Black Hills a shot
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